Saturday, May 13, 2006

Farm Meeting Notes May 11th (Summarized)

{Attending: Sascha, Alicia, Erica, Bobby, Ben, Tyler, Courtney, Kaya, Ashley }


- Roles, Revisiting Responsibilities:
- Last Weekend Work Party Check In{ How often do we want events? How Successful, Was it?}:
- Converting truck to vege-oil.
- Thank you cards:
- Season Calender { Reference}:
Working group members - Sascha, Ben, Kaya, and Courtney
- Committee needs to discuss:
- Grower delegation
- Timelines for planting/harvasting
- Brassica Garden
- Pump, Irrigation

- Non-Profit Possibilities:
- Grant accessible status.

- Scheduling:
- Calender Committee meeting
- Picnic
- Brassica Planting
- Basement
-Etc. :
- Volunteer work days on every Saturday.
- Bob Ryder wants to discuss fruit tree thinning & Pruning, needs to have us get in touch with him.


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