Thursday, May 04, 2006


This weekend we will be having guests to help us settle into spring.

Hey friends-

If you like to dig your hands in the soil and plant seeds, hammer and
nail, create community spaces, AND listen to music, we have got the
weekend for you!

WHO: THE GERMANTOWN COMMUNITY FARM is having a work party and concert.
YOU are the volunteer and after a hard days work, JOLIE HOLLAND and other
guests will play a show in our barn!

We will be fixing holes in walls of our two story barn, cleaning
the barn out to create a community space for art, events, classes, dance,
yoga, and massage, and planting seeds and potatoes to help start our CSA
(Community Supported Agriculture) field.

May 5th-7th for work (Fri. - Sun.), come when you can, leave when you must
May 6th, Saturday night concert for those who have volunteered

What to bring:

Bring a tent or sleeping bag if you have one and plan to stay overnight.
We will be cooking for the weekend, but bringing food would be GREATLY

"The Germantown Community Farm is a budding organic farm, a node in a
network of rural activists, sharing our land and visions with
travelers, family, friends, and neighbors. We aim to foster a
cross-pollination between urban and rural living and create a physical
space and a forum for community sustainability. Our vision is one of
creating a new agriculture in the Hudson Valley, one that’s based on
diversity of culture and biology rather than corporate mono-cropping of
our minds and our fields. We strive for the cultural diversity of the
cities mixed with the biological diversity of our wild gardens and
forests and we’re committed to feeding and teaching a whole lot of
people and taking really good care of each other in the process."

Right now as a collective we are at a crucial time. Starting an organic
farm is huge, in both economics and time. We have 60 acres, a large
house and barn, a pond, a forest and a stream in the back. We are caring
for three grown goats and three baby goats, baby turkeys and chicks,
chickens, roosters, ducks, and geese, a large house garden, and ten acres
of neglected apple orchards. We are planting a field on the land to
start as a CSA farm, and cleaning out the barn for a healing space. We
have a deer fence to build, lots of planting to do in the ground as well as
our greenhouse. We’ve got our business license and we’re applying for the
ability to accept food stamps in exchange for vegetables. We’re starting a
local CSA for low-income families in collaboration with a community center
in the nearby town of Hudson (and actively trying to raise the money within
our social network to do so!) We are working hard and still smiling as we
follow our dreams!

We need the knowledge of our elders and the help of our peers. If you
can't come for our work party, consider signing up as one of our week
long guests over the spring or summer, or sending a donation.

How to get here:

Our address:
The Germantown Community Farm
4872 State Route 9G
Germantown, NY 12526

By Train or Train and Bus:

TAKING THE METRO NOTH TO POUGHKEEPSIE: The Metro North to Poughkeepsie is
$12.75 off peak one way if ticket bought at station, and %17 peak. There
is a cheap bus from Poughkeepsie to our area in at 5:45 am, 6:45 am and
4:45 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.. The bus is fifty cents and you can pick it up
seven blocks up hill from the Metro North station in Poughkeepsie at Main
and Market streets. Coordinate your Metro North trip by checking out their
schedule online at:

The bus line is called the Dutchess County Loop Bus. There is a possibility
of a pickup in Poughkeepsie, call ahead, gas money would be necessary in
that case.

TAKING THE AMTRAK TO HUDSON: (, ten minutes from our Farm,
and we could probably pick you up if you call ahead: $29 to $44 depending
on time of day, and how far ahead you book online.

Take FDR NORTH over the Willis Ave Bridge
Stay to the left and take signs toward the SAW MILL PARKWAY
Stay on Saw Mill until signs for the TACONIC PARKWAY NORTH
Take the Taconic (60 miles) and exit REDHOOK 199 take the 199 (Left from
the Taconic) West through Red Hook to 9G (Take a Right) North towards
Germantown follow 9G through the town of Germantown (one stop light and a
Stewart's gas station) about 2 miles to the right is Hover AVE. DO NOT turn
on Hover, but slow down. We are the second house to the right, across the
street from the blue and white warehouse, with the big weeping willow, park
in front of the wood fence if there's room (not across the street)

Please RSVP to give us a general idea of when you will get here and how
long you will stay, and what kind of riffraff you are. Call ahead about
bringing pets. Our Farm house: 518 537 6139

We look forward to seeing you soon!

-Alicia, Ashley M., Courtney, Bobby, Kaya, Ben,
Ashley L, Sascha, Tyler, and Erika

(Also: Clubby, Peaches, Ivory, Ibex, Perro, Sascha,
The Rebel Banty, Effie, Willow, The Furbies etc..)

---> If you wish to contact an events and volunteer coordinator call Sascha
Scatter at 917.733.9316 or Bobby Dangerously at 646.942.8156.


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