Friday, March 24, 2006

Farm meeting March 24th, 2006

Farm meeting
Friday March 24, 2006
Present; Ashley M., Ben, Courtney, Sascha

Soil amendments
Work party this weekend
Seeds – watering, re-seeding brocolli, organizing

Court will water the seeds for the weekend
Ben says “If we seed anything, put the seeds in the ‘started seeds’ manilla envelope, so that they are easier to find if we need to re-seed”.

What needs to be finished is we need to stretch mesh over the existing benches and additional benches need to be built in the front of the greenhouse and they need to have mesh put on them. Then we need to prep the frame for the plastic – wrap rusty nails that are sticking out so that it won’t rip the plastic. We need to attach plastic at the top with wood strip screwed into the shed. We need to add horizontal rafters to attach plastic to between vertical pieces of the frame.
How are we going to be heating it?
Ben has a little heater with a fan. Or space heaters.
We also have to run electricity into that shed – whether it be extension cord or adding a line coming from house’s power source. Look into that one.
The blower’s in the potting shed and it’s all wired up. We need to build a box for it.

Soil Amendments;
PH was 6.1, which is a little bit acidic.
What we need is
Jersery green sand, Rock phosphate, lime (we can get that from the cement company across the river – but we don’t actually need much lime). We need seasoned compost. Manure (try to get the number for the horse farm we got manure from a couple of years ago). For some crops we need kelp or fish emulsion or chicken manure.

Plowing – we have to finish clearing the field. Deal with the stumps out there – backhoe? We should call Ken. We’re talking about pushing our readiness back a week.
Wednesday four of us are going to work on clearing the field. Also, new moon planting will happen.
Three of us will keep clearing the field on Thursday.
Figure out the chainsaws ahead of time.
Tuesday is greenhouse day.
Wednesday is new moon planting. So, soak peas Tuesday afternoon.
Monday Ben is going to work on tracking down compost sources.
Saturday (tomorrow) is manure pickup and greenhouse building.
Sunday is goat fence building day.
House/Farm meeting Monday morning.
Friday Ben is going to go pick up soil amendments.

Weekend work party;
Tomorrow is greenhouse building day.
Sascha and Bobby will get people started on the greenhouse tomorrow morning.

Sunday is goat fence day. We need yellow brackets for electric fence – the ones you can nail into a cedar post. We need some electrical fence tape.
Oh man, we just looked up the weather for the weekend. It’s supposed to rain and snow. Darn.
Okay, if people want to come for a work party, we shall tell them to come on Sunday.


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