Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Farm Meeting Notes April 12th

Farm Meeting notes; April 12th
11 Am
On the Agenda:

Animals -
Water and irrigation
Fence (work party)*-
CSA membership
Guest policy
Extra dozer time*-
Crop planning *-
Green Apple collective-
Money check in*-
Shift check-n (how do we figure out what needs to get done)
Watering schedule
Next Week schedule-
Roles still! (two established, crop planning:Ashley and Ben, soil amendments: kAya)
Farmer proposals *-

TSL updates
We will have a meeting with Kaya, Linda, and Thalia on Monday

Comprehensive plan meeting for the animals to be…
Saturday afternoon
We need a new fence
10$ each for feed
we need to build bins in the shed for feed

Green Apple Collective:
From 1st meeting summary it doesn’t sound like we shouldn’t count on them financially for 5 CSA shares. Lets call them to see if the financial aspect is viable. Sascha will call elliot after the meeting to see what their shaping commitment is. Kaya is proposing that maybe we could make some kind of commitment to us bringing food to the city sometimes, We do need to communicate with them directly. Maybe Erika can take some stuff to the green market and a green apple collective member can come pick it up from her. Conclusion…direct communication….

Farmer Proposals: ---

Fence work party:
Sascha will send out an email and take care of the outreach aspect
Hearty Roots: does double layer staggered electric, but they had hardly any deer pressure, so he is unsure that it would work for people with heavy deer pressure
Court still needs to check out nylon.
- not strong doesn’t last long
- but we only
Solar electric fencing???
Electric seems like a pain to run electricity all the way down there.
Short stock with high tensile?
And posts….
our cedar?
Court will call Farmer Dan’s fence friends.
Smaller fence working group to reconvene on Friday morning (breakfast) Courtney, Ashley x2 and Ben.

Financial update: ---

Extra Dozering….
If Ken gets all the dozering done in less time than we thought,
Where do we send him next.
First North Pasture (the few stumps)
Then Roadside stand area (south pasture)

Farmstand update
We need a permit for it (stand and parking lot) which is immensely difficult, we can have a farmstand the size of a piece of plywood without a permit,
Sascha says its worth trying for this year,
Maybe let people use ouor driveway and we can park in the other lot,
But this conversation will be tabled for now……
Maybe delegate the responsibility
Get a general feel for the groups desires and then Ashley M. and Ben, will make the planting and rotation schedule with weekly needs of planting (inside and out).
Do we have enough greenhouse space?
If we plan well enough and if we use the appropriate sized cells, we might be able to do it. And in the summer we can start things outside and in makeshift coldframes and PVC low tunnels. There are a lot of ways to save greenhouse space, sow them in flats,
So list will include what when and how
And we need to get 200 plug trays from Griffin
Maybe if fencing meeting meets and Ben and Ashley M. meet, thwn we can get a whole bunch of stuff .
North Field, dry farming tomatoes , potatoes
And hot peppers and sunflowers, but one concern is creating another location that needs
a daily harvest could be problematic.
But a proposal is…
Lets plant up the whole back field and see how much stuff we have and then see if we need the North field, if not we will cover crop it,

And Mulch materials……??????
And lightning tree offered some old round bales
There should be a soil amendment person as their role, ….KAYA!
And soon we will have hay from our own animals beds, and chicken poop too!

Crop Planning
What do we need to plant
What have we already planted
We need to relook at our scale
Bene and Ashley now have the power to come up with the planting schedule!

After meeting we can work out the final edits and then hand out the brochure madly to people.


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