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Farm Meeting May 4th

Farm Meeting May 4th


Bill Eegan
Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Ash: We need them, I feel this more now. But how?

S: List of what roles there could be and are. Kaya took on finance.

Erica Animals.

Growers? Multiple people.

Bobby will make sure stuff gets made for animals, carpentry. Feed boxes, brooding boxes, fencing etc… for animals. Bobby tells Erica or others to make lists or just ask him. He is officially the builder for animals.

Kaya and Alicia want to be maintenance bottom liners.
Kaya talks about how that could work, and what it entails.

Sasha wants to take care of Garden tools, not carpentry tools.

Systems of organizing need to be done for the carpentry tools.

Bobby says he’d like to bottom line carpentry tools and Sascha and him will work on a system for all tools to be kept and kept track of.

Kaya: Calendar for growing.
Where should it go? Different bottom liners will put stuff on it. Putting weeding and planting on there. This needs a committee.

Ben and Ashley and Court and Kaya will do this.

Bottom liner for growing? Maybe break it down to Greenhouse person, waterer, weeder and pest control.

Grower bottomliners: Greenhouse. Plant Maintenance. Irrigation. Tools. Seeds.

Sascha: Garden tools and Seeds library and seed saving in the field.

Other roles?

Food and preservation: Tyler

Volunteer coordinating and events: Sascha, Alicia, and Bobby

Ashley: Property maintenance bottomliner.

CSA bottomliners: Bobby, Ashley and Kaya

Communication with Shifts: Communicating with other people on shift if you are doing something else, you will be late, and what to work on. The list of projects to work on by the board.

Calendar will help.

Animal shift starts the work shift late.

Shifts are still 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm. When it gets hotter we will start shifts earlier.

Bill Eegan:

Wants a share for work trade. Kaya will call him. Questions are raised about how to go about responding to his request and requests in the future.

Customer relations people can set up how to communicate and set up guidelines for the CSA.

This weekend and guests:

This weekend we made point people.

Damon point person for carpentry. Bobby barn downstairs. Alicia barn upstairs. Sascha will be doing orientation for guests. Tyler will bottomline food prep and more food stuff. Kaya and Courtney will do field stuff.

Alica took secret pictures of all of us and will post the wall with little notes for volunteers about if you want to do this thing contact this picture. (!!!)

Dust masks.
Scrub brush.
Renting a sander?

Rafter has some wood, Sascha will call him.

Charles may check into the electric.

Air compressor from Bob.
Industrial trash bags.


Need more greens. Rotating fences for goats to pasture and special collars for them to be pastured by tying them up.

Small fencing for goats.

Work on goat fence this weekend if possible.

Goats have lice, need lice killer of some kind.

Alicia will get stuff at tractor supply.

Ducks, turkeys, geese and chix:

Turning shed around and putting up little fence for baby ducks. Running fence through middle of whole duck area and seeding one side at a time.


Drip from 350-gallon tank for CSA acre? Probably not. Ben bought new $60 pump, we talk about the many uses for it. House garden from our middle well. Rain tanks on our roof for our house garden as well.

Moving trash from driveway before weekend.

Ben might bottom line dump runs fro Saturday.

We need permit in Hudson from town clerk.

$500 dollars off taxes if we don’t have kids in school. “Star program”
Use that money to have classes here! Educational stuff.

Growing Calendar meeting: Tuesday???

Picnic on Monday at 6:30 at Poets walk. “A romantic landscape walk.”

House meetings always at Wednesday 6pm
Farm meetings always on Thursday mornings at 10am

Alica will go food shopping on Monday.


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