Monday, June 22, 2009

Radio For the People Party was a success!

Thank you all for coming, participating, and kicking in! We managed to raise over $4500 for the two radio projects, making for a significant step forward for both projects. We also managed to have a really great time! We counted close to 250 people for dinner and around 350 throughout the day and night. The presentation and workshops were well attended and exciting. Our performers were incredible, Jolie Holland, Lady Moon, and Grandma Shakes. The three DJs kept the dance party going late into the night: DJ Bochay, DJ Inti, and DJ Andalalucha.


Blogger Sudipta Das said...

wow!! that party looks nice and warm, full of joy & love. we used to have these types of party at our village farm where we use Greenhouses for food production

11:22 PM  

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