Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey all,

We're getting excited to see you soon.

If you are driving here, have room in you vehicle, and are willing to give folks a ride, call us and let us know. We have a little ride board going on and some folks need a lift! If you're passing through Northhampton, NYC, or Poughkeepsie with space, let us know.

You heard we said POTLUCK, right? Please if you're able, bring a dish to share for any of the meals we'll be sharing, or, bring ingredients, veggies, bread, dessert, drinks, whatever you can add to the mix!


Act like you know! We are at 4872 State Route 9G, Germantown, NY 12526. We're sure you can find directions on the internet but here are some point of reference for finding us once you're on our road, which is a big fast state highway.

From the South

We're 2 miles north of the main lights in Germantown. At these lights, there are 3, count 'em 3, gas stations (Sunoco, Mobil, and Stewarts). Just before our fields, on the right, you'll see a sign for you pick grapes. this is the intersection of hover ave and 9G. We're the next house on the right, past the handpainted signs advertising our farmstand. Its a big white farmhouse with a fence in front, right on the road. Please park across the street from the house ON YOUR LEFT at Fink's trucking garage. You will see a flagged out area on the grass for parking. If you head down a big hill and cross over the Roloph Jansen Kill (its a river) you've gone too far.

From the North

We're 4 miles south of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. You'll pass over the Roloph Jansen Kill (its a river) then past a sign welcoming you to Germantown and up a big hill. Soon after cresting the hill you'll see a small sign on your right for Mrs. Sew-N-Sew. Slow down. We're just past this on the left (you'll see the fields). Its a big white farmhouse with a fence in front, right on the road. PARKING IS ACROSS THE STREET ON YOUR RIGHT at Fink's trucking garage. You'll see a flagged area on the grass for parking. If you see our farmstand signs on your left, you've gone too far.

Call if you get lost- 518-537-6139
OK, friends. Until soon...


Blogger Emmett said...

thanks so much for hosting everybody this weekend and working on the projects you are working on.. i left this weekend feeling that it was one of the most positive and inspiring events/skillshares/workshops to which i've been.. quality all the way through.. thanks!!

8:56 PM  
Blogger limoncito said...

orale pues suerte en usa la ecomia se cayo ;)

9:51 PM  
Blogger eric barbaric said...


My name is Eric Lendl and I am a student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, getting my masters in Video Art. I am currently in pre-production on an experimental documentary concerned with the topic of utopianism and am looking for contributors to this project. I was sent your way by a friend in Brooklyn who heard about what you were all doing up there. Seeing the photos and reading your philosophies, I would love to make the journey, if you'd be amenable to an interview and some (low-key) filming?

Thanks in advance for your time and I hope to hear from you. If you would like to email me directly, my email is

In general, I would like to know about when the best time to come participate with you is and how to arrange it. My girlfriend and I are craving some Earth and would like to come up regardless of my project...In the meantime, I'll read more of your blog postings...

All the best,


12:35 PM  

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