Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SCHEDULE UPDATE for the Fall Party & Skillshare

Saturday September 26th

8:00 - 9:00am  BREAKFAST

9:30 - 11am WORKSHOPS

Whole Body Strength, with Trevor Roush 
A cost-free, at home fitness regime with results.

Yoga, with Carol Szamatowicz
Mostly Standing Vinyasa poses revolving around the Warrior Pose Series. As yoga goes, this class will tend to be strength building. All levels are welcome; be prepared to tailor to your own skill level, as the Warrior Poses, when held, can tend to be the more vigorous-leaning yoga assanas.  Two mats provided to newcomers. Since it is a mostly standing class, mats are optional, though often better for not slipping or sliding.

Flatfooting and Clogging, with Ryan Clover
Come learn Appalachian Clogging and Flatfooting dance. We'll cover the basic steps to get y'all dancing at the next square dance. There will also be room to share some more advanced technique.

11:30 - 1:00pm  WORKSHOPS

WGXC:  Go Live on the Web:  Webstreaming and Podcasting, with Dharma Dailey
Come learn how to make live audio and video available on a web site.  We’ll cover basic recording set ups, some simple tricks to get  good sound, and a few of the easiest and most reliable software options iphone, Skype, and Twittercam.   Use your new chops on your own website or join the WGXC Audio Army to help cover town meetings, concerts, and other local events.

Field Walk, with Ashley Loehr
A comprehensive guided tour of the Germantown Community Farm CSA fields.

Thai-Style Curry, with Traci Picard
We will make Thai-Style Curry, and then eat it.

Social Detox, with Ryan Clover
Challenging sexism is a necessary part of any social movement.  This workshop will explore the role that men can play in deconstructing sexist behaviors and holding ourselves and each other accountable for sexist behavior

D.I.Y. Bike Mechanics, with Margaret DeBona
Learn some basic bike repairs like fixing a flat, adjusting your brakes, and changing your chain.  Get ready to use tools and get greasy!

1:00 - 2:30pm  LUNCH

2:30 - 4:00  WORKSHOPS

Anarchy Beekeeping, with Sam Comfort
Not to anthropomorphize, but many bees are upset these days!  Learn how to construct simple hive boxes, catch wild honey bees, and keep them alive (and "happy") without chemicals.  We willl inspect a few hives, pay homage to the queen bees, and celebrate the goldenrod honey flow.

Saplings and Scrap Into Super Structure, with Matt Bua
This workshop will begin with participates brainstorming and envisioning what the soon-to-be structure’s appearance and usages will be. Drawings and sketches will be quickly made using the Visionary Drawing Building Format (www.drawingbuilding.org).  By utilizing improvised connecting and building techniques the collaborative process will yield something that may or may not resemble the earlier visions.

Tools for a Lifetime, with Charles Picard
A brief history of hand tools, and how  to salvage, restore and maintain rusty old stuff.

Mask Making for Kids (and the Young at Heart), with Alex Malmude
Buttons!  Yarn!  Magic markers!  Supplies will be on hand for mask-making revelry.  Create a new character, or make a mask of your alter ego.  Possibilities for your mask are limited only by your imagination (...and by the supplies we have on hand.)  This workshop is open to kids and adults alike.  Hopefully we'll be able to make extra masks for people to wear during the barn dance.

WGXC:  Setting-up Sound for a Live Event, with Tom Roe
Learn how to set a PA (Public Address) and speaker system for a live event.  We'll cover the basics of adjusting levels, running cables, and hooking up mics for great sound quality.  We'll also cover how to hook up to a recorder and mixer for webstreaming.  Become an indespensible asset to any party or show!

4:30 - 6:00  WORKSHOPS

WGXC:  Interviewing and Oral Histories, with Suzanne
Everyone’s got a great story to tell.  Interviewing and putting together an oral history project is a great way to discover them, and get them out into the world and onto the airwaves.  Suzanne will cover how to conceive of an oral history project, how to interview well, and what to do with these stories once you’ve compiled them.  Participants will get a chance to break off into groups of three for a short exercise.

Building a Media Buzz: Getting the Press to Spread the Word, with Melissa Weidman
Let's share stories, challenges and tips on how to get local news venues to cover your story, position, cause or event. We'll talk strategy and technique, and practice some in our session.

Mushrooms in the Permaculture Landscape, with Rafter 
Even if you're an avid gardener - if you are only gardening plants, you're missing out! There is a whole other kingdom to explore - and eat. We can incorporate delicious, nutritious fungi in our veggie gardens, backyards, lawns, landscaping, balconies, windowboxes - even back rooms and closets. In this workshop, we'll explore the basics - and not-so-basics - of mushroom cultivation, and learn to look at mushroom crops through a holistic, permaculture lens, so we can find the niche in the landscape where they can peform useful ecological functions, even as they produce food and medicine for us.

Metal Tricks for the Jack of All Trades, with Lu Heintz
We will cover mechanical connections that can be executed with little or no heat, such as riveting and slotting.  Tips on drilling, cutting, bending and unbending will be given.  Tools will be discussed with consideration for those interested in building/developing a small shop.  Bring your questions and your own tricks.

Utopia or Bust, with Henry
Imagining the world we want to live in and how to get there from here.  Games, costume changes.  You know, utopia.

6:30  DINNER


10:00  SABER COUP Rocks Out!

11:30  DJs & DANCING till Late!

Hope to see you here!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009 Fall Skillshare and Party! We hope you're coming!

Our Annual Fall Skillshare and Party is almost here! We hope you all can make it on September 26th for feasting and dancing, workshopping and romping. We will indeed be hosting a contra dance, a local rock band, and several DJs on into the night. We'll be fleshing out the schedule and worshop descriptions over the next couple weeks, so keep posted.

Camping is welcome and limited accommodations are available in the barn and house (please let us know ahead of time!) Bring camping gear, a flashlight, and your own dish. Please try to carpool as parking is very limited. We are suggesting a donation of $5-$20 just to cover our costs, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds! Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering during the event. We need help with childcare, parking, cooking, clean-up and would love even just an hour committment ahead of time from a few people. Please contact us!

Saturday September 26th
8am: Breakfast in house
9:30-11am: workshops
11:30-1pm: workshops
1-2:30pm: lunch
2:30-4: workshops
4:30-6: workshops
6:30: dinner
7:45: contra dance!
10:oo: Saber Coup rocks out
11:30pm: DJs!

some of the workshops you may choose from (desriptions forthcoming):

DIY bicycle repair with Margaret DeBona
Tools for a Lifetime with Charles Picard
Anarchist Beekeeping with Sam Comfort
Webstreaming and Podcasting with WGXC staff
Mushrooms in the Permaculture Landscape with Rafter T. Sass
Saplings and Scrap into Super Structures with Matt Bua
Thai-style Curry with Traci Picard
Uncovering Your Inner Strength - Core Strengthening excercises with Trevor Roush
Setting Up Sound for a Live Event with WGXC staff
Writing a Great Press Release with Melissa Weidman
Yoga with Carol
The World of Metal with Luli Heintz
and many more!...