Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey all,

We're getting excited to see you soon.

If you are driving here, have room in you vehicle, and are willing to give folks a ride, call us and let us know. We have a little ride board going on and some folks need a lift! If you're passing through Northhampton, NYC, or Poughkeepsie with space, let us know.

You heard we said POTLUCK, right? Please if you're able, bring a dish to share for any of the meals we'll be sharing, or, bring ingredients, veggies, bread, dessert, drinks, whatever you can add to the mix!


Act like you know! We are at 4872 State Route 9G, Germantown, NY 12526. We're sure you can find directions on the internet but here are some point of reference for finding us once you're on our road, which is a big fast state highway.

From the South

We're 2 miles north of the main lights in Germantown. At these lights, there are 3, count 'em 3, gas stations (Sunoco, Mobil, and Stewarts). Just before our fields, on the right, you'll see a sign for you pick grapes. this is the intersection of hover ave and 9G. We're the next house on the right, past the handpainted signs advertising our farmstand. Its a big white farmhouse with a fence in front, right on the road. Please park across the street from the house ON YOUR LEFT at Fink's trucking garage. You will see a flagged out area on the grass for parking. If you head down a big hill and cross over the Roloph Jansen Kill (its a river) you've gone too far.

From the North

We're 4 miles south of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. You'll pass over the Roloph Jansen Kill (its a river) then past a sign welcoming you to Germantown and up a big hill. Soon after cresting the hill you'll see a small sign on your right for Mrs. Sew-N-Sew. Slow down. We're just past this on the left (you'll see the fields). Its a big white farmhouse with a fence in front, right on the road. PARKING IS ACROSS THE STREET ON YOUR RIGHT at Fink's trucking garage. You'll see a flagged area on the grass for parking. If you see our farmstand signs on your left, you've gone too far.

Call if you get lost- 518-537-6139
OK, friends. Until soon...


Fall Skill Share at Germantown Community Farm
September 20th and 21st

* more workshop descriptions to come…



Bike Mechanics
with Silas Maddox
Get the basics of bike maintenance and repair from one who knows his bikes.

Field and Woods, Plant & Tree ID Walk
with Charles and Traci

We will identify and discuss useful plants focusing on woodland medicinals. A participatory commie talk for all ages and all levels of experience.

War Tax Resistance
with Mary Loehr

54% of every federal tax dollar you pay goes to war and killing. Come to this workshop to talk about/learn about other options. This workshop will be led by Mary Loehr who has not paid federal taxes in 26 years.


with Lu Heintz

Overview of a smithy (blacksmith's shop). Lu will show and talk about the tools and forge, getting metal hot, and demonstrate and explain basic forging techniques.

with Travis Klami

Whole Farm Planning Presentation
with Melissa & Garret


Hudson Valley Fair Food Alliance
This network doesn’t formally exist yet. To overcome the inequity in our local food system farmworkers, farmers, and consumers need to know each other and work in partnership. Let’s meet each other and talk about what this network could look like and how we can create communities of mutual support within the food production chain. Also, to keep the conversation tangible, there will be a few presentations on work that is already happening in this valley. This workshop will be in English and Spanish. Come find Ashley Loehr if you have any questions about this workshop.

Conversational French
(all levels)
with Anne Koplinka-Loehr

4:30 Drumming and Dancing by/with the Badilas

6:00 Dinner

Music and Contra Dance

DJ Dance

Anarchy Beekeeping
with Sam Comfort
We will talk about less invasive methods of beekeeping than industry standard methods, local bee genetics and breeding as well as bee education.

Forestry Basics
with the Jolly Lumberjacks
(Squash and Dan)

Natural Paints and Stains
with Dylan
Come mix up and try out some different natural paints and stains using common materials you have right around you.


Community Radio info & idea share
with Dharma Dailey, Galen Joseph-Hunter, and Kaya Weidman

The Greene/Columbia community radio project will enable people in the
two upstate New York counties to teach each other skills in radio
production, community journalism, radio art, and other media-making.
It is a space to build a "community of communities" – bringing
together a range of discussions and creativities from across the two
counties. free103point9 will first create an internet radio station,
while developing the organization and partnerships for an FM station
we hope to soon be awarded, to broadcast local content across much of
Greene and Columbia counties. Eventually this project will broadcast
local town meetings, high school sports championships, as well as
local performances, lectures, workshops, and all sorts of radio art.
In this workshop we will brainstorm ideas together and present the project.

Wine and Fermentation
with Amy

Fermentation 101 with a fruit wine focus. Come brew and taste.

Social Detox
with Ryan Clover
Men have a responsibility to challenge sexism. Men often don't know where
to start with these issues. This is a space to identify and discuss men's
role in bringing down patriarchy and working for communities of
cooperation and mutual aid.


Tincture Making
with Traci

Hands on tincture-making workshop. Identify, collect herbs and make and taste tinctures. We will take a walk to the herb garden to harvest and then make tincture inside.

with Ryan Clover

Marketing and Sales for Small Producers
with Don Lewis

Monday, September 15, 2008

Schedule Preview: Fall Party 2008


10-11:30 am

Clogging: with Ryan Clover

Bike Mechanics: with Silas Maddox

Woods Walk, plants and trees. (all-ages): with Tracy and Charles Picard


1- 2:30 pm

Blacksmithing: with Lu Heintz

Gentrification: with Travis Klami

War Tax Resistance: with Mary Loehr

3- 4:30 pm

Whole Farm Planning: with Melissa and Garret

Hudson Valley Fair Food Alliance: Round Table Discussion

French! Speak it, (all levels): with Annie Koplinka-Loehr and the Badila family

4:30 Badila family performance


7:30 Music and festivities
Emily Lacey, variety show
Contra Dance
more dancing


10-11:30 am

BEES: with Sam Comfort

Forestry Basics: with the Jolly Lumberjacks

12- 1:30 pm

Wine Fermentation: with Amy Lawton

Men's anti-sexist organizing: with Ryan Clover


2:30-4:00 pm

Tincture making: with Tracy Picard

Community Radio info/idea-share: with Kaya Weidman

There is more to come, and we may have to re-schedule some things. Check here for updates. Looking forward to seeing you all!
REMINDER Please bring a bowl and a spoon for yer suppers, and all meals are potlucks. We will also be cooking so any ingredient contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!