Thursday, May 24, 2007

Outrageously Successful Spring Work Party 07

So much graditude from our farm crew to everyone who made it out for the work and festivities at Gtown last weekend. By the time the sun came out on Sunday morning I think we were all so amazed and grateful to see the incredible amount of collective work that got accomplished.
Here’s the list we made at the house meeting last night of all the stuff that got done:

- 10 New Beds Dug, Prepped and Planted in the House Garden
- Tons of Stuff Got Weeded
- New Fence Put Up In House Garden
- 40 to 45 Cedar Posts Cut and Dragged From the Woods
- 25 Beds Spaded and Weeded In the CSA Field
- 6 100 Foot Beds of Potatoes Planted in the New Field
- Wall Got Build in the Goat Pen
- Big New Cedar Arbor in the Garden
- A Bunch of Large Brush Piles Burned
- Lots of Dancing Got Danced
- 6 Incredible Meals Cooked and Consumed (Lots of Dishes Washed)
- The Compost Toilet Got Dug Out

So mad thanks to our extended community near and far. We’d never be able to do it without you. We’re very much tied to each other.