Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Early Spring at Germantown Community Farm 2007

Sometimes it Snows in April

First Blogpost of the Season!
These are photos I've been snapping over the past month here at the farm in gtown, and a few at the sugar maple scene that was going on over at the Bob in pine plains. i'm so in love with all my farmmates, i still can't even believe we're really doing this most of the time. i never even let myself imagine what it would be like to actually work on a group land project with a bunch of people i admired and respected like i admire and respect these people. for whatever the hardships and compromises, we actually watch each other's backs and we celebrate each other's lives in the face of the death culture. when most people these days seem to be watching TV and existing in little boxes, we're building relationships with our neighbors and stewarding this land and carving a life for ourselves and a future for our extended community. i feel lucky and proud to call this place home.

as i write the chlorophyll rush of springtime is really just beginning, the light green leaves magically poking out of the apple tree branches in our orchards are harbingers of warm nights and lush summer foilage. the garden beds carpeted in waves of little green pioneer seedlings are harbingers that we're gonna have our work cut out for us all season. meanwhile the baby goats that were born last week are probably the cutest things in the whole entire universe, right here, in our very barn.
the images below capture the last edge of hudson valley wintertime transitioning into the growing season. they capture glimpses of the people i love working and playing and building a life with one other. enjoy this little peak into our world.

mad love from the rebel outpost on 9G, sascha scatter

The Ladies

Maple Sugaring at The Bob (our sister community in Pine Plains)


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