Sunday, November 20, 2005

Farm Meeting Notes November 20, 2005

Farm Meeting November 20, 2005

Garden<>Farm Relationship:

Garden: diversity, test varieties, food for house

1 Acre Farm plot: Tilled earth, trusted varieties for market

Folks involved in project & their interests and potential commitments:

Ben- Bottom lining market garden, full time +- commitment with very part time outside job. Orchard care a large commitment also and helping out with goats (milking) birds & bees. Will take part in seed saving, greenhousemushroom & herb projects.

Erica-Working on farm during week according to need and 14th Street Green Market on weekends. Orchard care & bees as well.

Kaya-Part time working on farm, part time networking, events, community outreach, seed saving projects, point person for volunteers, bottom lining house garden. Bees & Orchard as well.

Ashley-Part time laborer 2-3 days a week womanpower. Will work on educational aspects/workshops in barn, tours. Bee person.

Courtney- Seed Bank, seed processing, events, farm work (not full time) education work 2 days a week. Bee person.

Betaya- 2 days a week farming, education, marketing in city

Moss-Greenhouse and other farm construction, herbal business, herb bed, handy mon of farm. Shitake mushroom project

Sascha- Farming a bunch of days a week, Greenhouse, early season seedling work, curriculum, events, folks biking up to farm with times up from city.

Ashley Mac-Animals, milk goats part time, house garden, seed saving, curriculum, labor on farm 1-2 days a week, Forest farming project on part of orchard.

Chris(not present) Animal caring

Farm Schedule Forming! Weekly list come season
February workshops on weekends

Erica-greenhouse glass source
Kaya-Rebar, Plastic, PVC easiest way to go


Green Market 14th street (specialty goods)
Roadside honor system stand on road next to our house

CSA- This year we are building the groundwork

South Bronx CSA- 1 crop offering possibility

Alternative CSA model- every week pick a 10$ or 20$ box depending on what we produce (Ashley Mac)

Local small CSA possibility for this year

Think out Fermentation/Cannery


$ and/or work exchange for students


Hudson Valley Ecovillage list serve

Property stuff-

-Keep Asa informed in detail
-Keep good records of farm
-Keep track of investments
-Write proposal for this farming season with Asa and our signatures.
*Land use, people and time involved, $, equity?
-Contemplate possibility of evergreen lease for next year(mutual agreement between owner and leasee renewed every year with a several year time to move out if lease is not renenewed.)

Follow up for Friday 2:00 meeting
Moss & Sascha-Greenhouse plans
Erica-compost sources
Ashley Mac- Goat and Chicken advice, contact Rafter
We must all contemplate compensation for farmers (reduced rent, split of market $)
Fundraisers for initial setup
Kaya-contact farmer Dan, Renard, calling Asa


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