Thursday, September 01, 2005

really rough principles conversation from late summer 2005

Support our local economy
We strive to maintain a direct connection with our water, food, fuel, shelter, and waste
Understanding of interdependence
Support independent livelihood
Have patience
We pay attention to the symbiosis between the wild and the cultivated
Variety and diversity create strength
Learning from our elders
Contributions is accepted and valued in its many forms
Share information as much as possible
Prioritize the health of the individual\be aware how our habits effect the community and the environment
Room for change
Our work is a work in progress
We believe in being able to laugh at ourselves
We recognize every action is significant

Aims and Mission
Knowing our place in history and nature
Know history, pass down history of land and people and culture
Limiting self interest in order to offer support to others
Make information available through sharing and education
Educate ourselves and others through information sharing
Creating processes that we trust
Individual and community ,mental health support and skillshare
To welcome and engage travelers as valuable members of our community
Urgency/pace (significance of every action article for newletter
The edge space between ecologies and communities
Replacing consumerist cycles with natural processes
Creating a georgous abundant alternative to wasteful living
Solidarity (come back to)


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